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How to stop the downward spiral of depression

The Depression Spiral Dealing with depression and its everyday affects can be crippling.  One of the things we have learned about is the depression spiral.  It can take an ordinary happy day and destroy it within minutes.  The sweaty palms, the nausea the negative thoughts, can intrude instantly. The key to this dealing with this is recognizing …

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What Are Process Addictions?

Process addictions, also known as behavioral addictions, are one of the most-common forms of addiction, affecting millions of people worldwide. While behavioral addictions have often been seen as less-than or a lower class of addiction than substance addictions, evidence increasingly points to the fact that these addictions are heavily linked and often harmful on

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Stress and Addiction

Substance abuse disorder, typically referred to as drug and alcohol addiction, affects millions of Americans aged 12 and up. With some studies showing that 1 in 10 Americans will suffer a substance use disorder during their lifetime, addiction affects a shockingly large number of Americans. At the same time, opioid use disorder is responsible