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Southern California Detox Program

Detoxification, commonly known as detox, is a process that allows a person to safely and systematically withdraw from alcohol or addictive drugs. At the Beginnings Treatment Centers Orange County Detox Program the detoxification process occurs under the care of our highly experienced medical team, led by Dr. Raphael Penunuri.

Over time alcohol and drug use can result in a powerful physical dependence upon these substances. Stopping can cause uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, even fatal, withdrawal symptoms in people with this dependence.

The Detoxification Process at Beginnings is designed to treat the immediate physical symptoms of withdrawal, and to remove the toxins left in the body caused by chemical dependence and addiction.

Detoxification can be performed at our inpatient treatment center, or on an outpatient basis through one of our trusted partner facilities.

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Inpatient Treatment allows the treatment team to closely monitor the client, preventing access to the substance of abuse and treating the symptoms around the clock, and can speed up the process.

Outpatient Detoxification can have the advantage of being less disruptive to the client’s life and may be an appropriate choice¬† may be effective if medically advisable.

The choice of treatment setting for Detoxification depends on the substance or substances of abuse, length and history of abuse and amounts used, as well as the client’s age, social conditions, and medical and/or psychological issues which may exist with the client, along with other factors.

Part of the Detox Program at Beginnings is a thorough evaluation of the client, and appropriate choices can be made at that time as to what treatment setting should be used. In addition, a unique Detox Plan will be created for the individual, because everyone is different, and the detox process may be quite specific to the drug used.

If you or a loved is in need of or has any questions about Detoxification, please contact Beginnings today for a confidential and comprehensive consultation.