Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Orange County

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for substance abuse, also known as IOP, is the most flexible treatment option with the least restrictions. Beginnings features an intensive outpatient treatment program specifically designed for individuals struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis issues.

Our IOP program is administered at our modern and well-appointed Orange County clinical addiction treatment center. Meeting three mornings a week, clients are able to receive exceptional treatment while maintaining their work or school commitments.

With our intensive outpatient rehab, you have the support of your counselor and treatment peers as you navigate the everyday challenges of early recovery.

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Highlights of the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program:

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What To Expect at Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment program specializes in dual diagnosis and addiction disorders for individuals who can still safely manage in a home living environment. This setting allows clients the opportunity to participate in addiction treatment throughout the day, while still living independently.

A Caring Staff

Our highly-credentialed drug addiction treatment team makes up the core of our treatment programs, providing caring, empathetic support through every step of your journey. From licensed nurses to our doctors and Ph.D. support staff, we offer qualified and experienced staff to support each client’s journey to recovery.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Beginnings Treatment offers specific support for dual-diagnosis treatment. Clients suffering from mood or personality disorders alongside their substance-use disorder require special care, additional therapy, and more attention during treatment to ensure that we can treat each problem from a top-down level, tackling the issues that are most pressing first, to ensure a full recovery.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is one of the key evidence-based treatments for addiction. Behavioral therapy is designed to help individuals recognize attitudes and behaviors underlying, surrounding, and being caused by substance abuse. It also helps individuals to rebuild new behaviors and coping mechanisms, creating the foundations for prolonged recovery and a happy life. The most common behavioral therapies for addiction include CBTFamily Therapy, and Motivational Therapy.

Complementary Therapies

Beginnings Treatment uses complementary therapies such as exercise programs, mindfulness therapy, and nutritional therapy as well as others as we see fit. These complementary therapies are not intended as primary addiction treatment, but rather to support existing treatment by improving the physical health, nutrition, or energy-levels of the client.


Education is a core-focus at Beginnings Recovery. We offer lectures, workshops, and training so that every client understands their disorder, relapse, and has the knowledge to respond appropriately to cravings, stress, and other problems.

Medical Support

Individuals require varying levels of medical support including medical monitoring, prescription medication, and sometimes medical intervention. This is provided on a need’s basis.


Counseling allows individuals to seek out treatment and share problems in a one-on-one or group setting, aimed at giving clients the tools to tackle specific problems, to share emotions, and to move past trauma.

Complementary Therapies

Group therapy is designed to help individuals share with their peers, work past issues as a group, and tackle emotions with a group of peers. This may include therapy with a specific goal such as stress management. Group therapy is a support tool where you can learn coping, to manage cravings, and to handle changes, with support from peers.

Photos of Our IOP Facility

Inside of the IOP Facility for recovery
Inside of the IOP facility for recovery
Inside the IOP Facility

We accept a wide variety of different insurance plans.

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If you or a loved one is ready to take the steps to get treatment for a substance abuse or alcohol use disorder, the team at Beginnings Treatment is here to help.

We offer qualified evidence-based care designed to help each of our patients make the most of time spent in recovery so they can move on and back into a healthy and happy life. Like our name says, we aim to offer new beginnings for every patient.

Starting an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for a substance use disorder is the first and most crucial step on your way to recovery.

At Beginnings Treatment, you can get that care in our beautiful Orange County rehab center.

Our focus on individual care, science-based treatment, and follow-up is designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for every patient.

Recovering from addiction is a long battle that will require years of effort, care, and treatment. You will need consistent mental, psychological, and emotional support to win. We are here to help you on your way, with strong foundations designed to ensure you have the tools to live your best sober life.

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