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Southern California Alcoholism Treatment Center

How Do I Know If I Have A Problem With Alcohol?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when you have crossed the line from moderate or social alcohol use to problem drinking. If your drinking is causing difficulties in any area of your life, especially work or relationships, it’s possible you may have a cause for concern. As is the case with any problem, recognition and acceptance of the issue as a problem is the first step to overcoming it. Below we will explore some of the characteristics of problem drinking and alcoholism.

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse is typically characterized by having unhealthy or dangerous drinking habits that often lead to increasingly severe consequences. Alcoholism can wear many masks though, and these disguises are often sophisticated enough to fool us into believing that we are not affected by alcohol. Discovering and accepting a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol requires that you be honest with yourself. Look for the following signs and, if you should find some or any, it may be time to get honest with yourself. Remember to be forgiving of yourself and seek out counseling for help in dealing with these issues:

  • Many of your social outings and after-work or extracurricular activities involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol
  • Craving alcohol at most, or all hours
  • The inability to control how much you drink once you start
  • Finding yourself incapable of stopping even when you want to stop
  • Consistently having to increase the amount of alcohol you consume in order to get the same effect
  • Hangovers are becoming increasingly more severe
  • Personal and business relationships are suffering because your drinking habits
  • You are experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, anxiety, sweating, and shakiness

These are some of the many signs that the individual in question might be an alcoholic. If you or a loved one is currently dealing with one or more of these issues, please reach out to us immediately so that we can help. Our treatment team are experienced and dedicated professionals who can really make a difference.

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What Happens In Alcohol Treatment?

Our Orange County Alcohol Rehab

Most people can not stop the progression of alcoholism on their own, and it’s a good idea to seek help or advice. Beginnings Treatment Centers offers a modern and comprehensive approach to treatment for alcohol addiction. Our treatment programs feature a variety of effective treatment modalities that provide a solid basis for a lasting recovery.

The first step is often alcohol detox. Alcohol is physically addictive and the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and even fatal. It is always advisable to obtain advice prior to attempting to stop on one’s own. Our supervised alcohol detox center provides a safe and comfortable way to detox from alcohol.

After detox, many clients enter the Beginnings Treatment Centers Residential Alcohol Treatment Program. Here, the length of stay varies depending on the individual situation. The program features group sessions, individual therapy, fresh food and exercise, and holistic activities like yoga and hiking.

Not everyone who asks for help needs to go into some type of residential treatment program. Other options exist such as Intensive Outpatient (IOP), where the client attends clinical sessions for a certain period of the day, but may still reside at their home.

Our Alcohol Addiction Advisors are ready to discuss treatment options for you or your loved one.