Client Stories of Change

Taylor’s story can connect with many, and now Taylor is over a year clean and sober.

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The level of actual care and love that comes from not only the staff and owners but between the clients as well is genuine and real. – Taylor R.

They have an awesome staff, the clients are amazing, that’s why I give them five stars, because they saved my life! God is truly in this house and you won’t find anything else like it. – Andrea W.

This program changed my life and I thank God every day for letting me have the opportunity to meet three amazing staff and counselors who don’t judge you and truly understand west its like to be in our shoes. The care and love you receive from the people in this program will change your entire outlook on living a sober lifestyle. – Chris T.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants help and is serious about getting sober! Also they have an incredible staff who really does care about the clients. – Ryan W.

The staff and clinical team are amazing, kind and supportive. I learned more about myself and my life than I could have ever dreamed. – Brittany S.

Jody, a Beginnings Treatment Centers Alumni, describes her amazing journey from brutal addiction into beautiful recovery.