Individualized Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Beginnings provides residential and outpatient treatment and counseling for alcohol and drug addiction specifically geared to the executive or professional who suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Unlike existing traditional premium treatment centers, Beginnings pays particular attention to the specific needs encountered by the impaired professional. These include time and priority management in recovery, professional licensing issues, re-entry back into the workforce, renewing and maintaining professional demeanor, and financial management assistance.

man in therapy talking to doctor

Features of the Executive and Professional Program:

  • Residential Addiction Treatment option including daily group therapy, individual counseling, addiction education, nutritional support, family therapy, and physical fitness
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment Option with Possible Monitoring
  • Professional License Salvage Services Available
  • Professional Advocacy to Administrative Boards and Committees Available
  • Complete Analysis and Planning of Return to Work Issues
  • Comprehensive Neuro-Psychological Evaluations and Reporting
  • Occupational Therapy
  • 72 Hour Client Evaluations