Our Orange County Addiction Treatment Facilities.

All Beginnings Treatment Center facilities are located in beautiful and sunny Orange County, in Southern California, only minutes away from the blue waters and golden beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Our Addiction Treatment Facilities and Homes are comfortable, safe, and well-appointed. Check out the image galleries below for actual images of the various Beginnings facilities and residential homes.

Clinical Addiction Treatment Facilities.

The Beginnings Clinical Addiction Facilities are all located in Orange County, near the coast in sunny Southern California. The facilities are modern and spacious, with multiple rooms available for group meetings and individual therapy sessions.

Tasteful and aesthetically pleasing artwork and furnishings provide a comfortable and secure environment where our clients and the clinical team can focus on the core issues that need to be resolved to end addiction. Clients are safely and efficiently transported for clinical treatment to the facility from our residential homes.


Shadwell Residential Home.

This residential home is especially luxurious, and thus offers a truly comfortable and special place to enjoy the blessings of recovery. A great deal of care was paid to the selection of furnishings and interior decor to maximize our client’s enjoyment of their time here.

The Shadwell home is located in beautiful and sunny Huntington Beach, minutes away from the famous surfing beaches in this fantastic beach city.


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South Coast Counseling.

Costa Mesa is a wonderful community located near the ocean and thus enjoys the sunny and mild Southern California climate. This home is situated in a safe and tranquil residential neighborhood only a couple of miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the world-famous Orange County beaches.

The home was selected for its ambiance and spacious room layout, allowing for a safe and comfortable environment in which to recover.


Pomona Residential Home.

This home is located on a quiet residential street in Costa Mesa, CA. The world famous beaches of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach are only 2 to 3 miles from this comfortable and well-appointed home.

Tasteful decor and an attention to detail distinguish this home, and make it a tranquil and supportive environment in which to enjoy the gifts of sobriety.


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