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Beginnings Treatment center is now In-Network with HMC

High-Quality Health Net In-Network Drug Addiction, Substance Abuse, and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment is Available at Beginnings Treatment Centers. We take Health Net HMO, EPO, and PPO Insurance Policies We are so proud that we can now accept Health Net insurance for all of our treatment programs. We accept clients in California and Arizona that

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How to Get Insurance to Pay for Drug Rehab

Most people approach addiction and rehab from the perspective of something shameful and possibly incriminating, Many go out of their way to hide it. Unfortunately, this often means those people don’t get the help they need. If you can admit you have a problem and want help, paying for rehab shouldn’t prevent your treatment.

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The Problem with Increased Alcohol Abuse During COVID 19

Testing for Alcohol Abuse during COVID 19 I’ve been treating alcohol addiction for 30 years. During that time, I’ve never seen a measurable increase in alcohol consumption affecting the general public. This increase in drinking, that started around March 2020 is unprecedented. Alcohol sales and consumption has skyrocketed during the COVID 19

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Drug Abuse and Rehab Admissions Rising During COVID-19

There is no question that drug abuse is on the rise and people are needing to go to rehab now more than ever because of COVID-19. Things like a loved one falling ill. Kids unexpectedly out of school with no childcare. Coping with physical distancing. Daily routines interrupted. Life milestones canceled. Adjusting to working from

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Vicodin detox

Complete Vicodin Detox & Withdrawal Guide

Complete Vicodin Detox and Withdrawal Overview Vicodin is a commonly prescribed narcotic pain reliever for mild to intense pain. Vicodin contains a very strong narcotic pain reliever called Hydrocodone (which is an opioid) and a pain reliever called Acetaminophen (sold under the brand name Tylenol). Because of the very powerful Hydrocodone, Vicodin

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Oxycodone detox

OxyCodone Detox & Withdrawal Guide

OxyCodone Detox & Withdrawal Guide OxyCodone and Opioids are one of the most commonly abused and dangerous drugs in the United States today. OxyCodone is a prescribed painkiller sold under the brand names: Oxaydo, Roxicodone, Roxybond, OxyContin. While Oxycodone is an effective pain reliever, much like other Opioids it is highly addictive.

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