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What is Phenibut?

What is Phenibut? Phenibut is a popular supplement, used by many to boost energy, reduce stress, and even improve cognitive function. First made available in Russia in the 1960s, the drug is now available online throughout the USA, and typically sold as an energy booster alongside vitamins and protein. But, while unregulated by the FDA, [...]

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What is it Like to Date Sober?

Dating was the last thing on my mind when I first got sober. Starting a brand new life and figuring out how to deal with all my crap while sober was more than enough for me to handle. Having to deal with someone else's crap on top of all that? No, thank you. Rebuilding my [...]

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What is a High Functioning Addict?

When most of us think of addiction we think of people who are lazy, unable to perform their job, constantly out of it, and typically, jobless. Few of us think of high performers, excelling at their school, job, or family life – but the truth is that millions of addicts are high functioning. As many [...]

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Addiction

Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD is a diagnosed mental disorder in which a person suffers from an exaggerated sense of self-importance coupled with an excessive need for positive attention or admiration and the inability to understand or empathize with the feelings of others. While the term 'narcissist' is often used to describe anyone expressing an [...]

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How to Say No to an Addict You Love

Over 23.5 million people in the United States suffer from some form of substance use disorder. This means that most of us know someone who is struggling with an addiction, and one in five of us will have a close family member or relation who is addicted. If your loved one is addicted to a [...]

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Am I as Sick as My Secrets?

When I was growing up, people minded their own business. We didn't ask each other how much money we made, why we were a part of a particular religion, or who we voted for in an election. And we all followed the golden rule that "whatever is said in this house, stays in this house." [...]

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7 Common Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics

Data shows that more than 11% of children live with an adult who is addicted to a substance, nearly one in four U.S. children know an adult addict, and about 28 million children live with alcoholics. While levels of substance use, and their impact on family hierarchy and relationships vary considerably, Children of Alcoholics (CoA) [...]

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Substance Abuse in Aging Populations

Most people are aware that substance abuse in the United States is rampant, with millions addicted or dependent on substances like alcohol and opioids. But, when most of us think of addiction, we think of younger people, typically between the ages of 18 and 30 and typically, not seniors. While it's true that substance use [...]

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7 Tips to Stay Sober During the Winter

No matter where you're spending the winter, the season can be a difficult one for anyone. With less sunlight, no leaves, cold weather, and often some amount of isolation because fewer people go out and do things, many of us are prone to depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder known as S.A.D. If you're recovering from [...]

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