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Why Aren’t There More Non-Abstinence Programs?

The only thing worse than being an alcoholic is being a failure in recovery, and I was an epic failure. Feeling like the only thing I was good at was relapsing was so depressing that I considered suicide. That's when I decided I was better off striving to be a functional alcoholic, but I wasn't [...]

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Long Term Effects of LSD

LSD, or Lysergic acid diethylamide is a psychedelic drug popular for its mind-altering properties, causing increased sensations, hallucinations and delusions, and wakefulness. A 'trip' lasts 4-14 hours, and typically includes visual hallucinations and an altered sensory experience, where users experience euphoria, radiant colors, a feeling of slowed time, and geometric or colored patterns. Today, more [...]

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Holistic Alternatives to Opioids for Pain

While opioids are the standard go-to medication for pain in modern medicine, they simply are not safe for many of us to use. With millions of people recovering from substance use disorders and many millions more at risk for addiction, opioids can present a danger of relapse and addiction – and taking steps to protect [...]

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Am I Codependent With My Addict?

I was always tired, and I didn't know why. Everyone else my age seemed perfectly capable of working full-time while taking care of their home and their families. I, on the other hand, always felt overwhelmed. Every day was a struggle, like running uphill against the wind. At 39, I was way too young too [...]

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Drug Addiction in the Legal Profession

Workplace substance abuse is an increasingly large problem in every industry, with statistics suggesting that 77% of drug users are employed. Substance abuse contributes to poor performance, lapses of judgment at work, and missed work days. This is well documented in high-stress professions, where doctors and lawyers face tight deadlines, heightened levels of responsibility, and [...]

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Should Children be Taught to Administer Naloxone?

Naloxone, frequently sold as Narcan, is an opioid drug used to block and reverse the effects of opioid abuse. The drug, which is available as a nasal spray and injection, is most frequently used to reverse overdoses in opioid drug abusers – preventing the overdose from becoming fatal. It is also readily available in most [...]

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What is Phenibut?

What is Phenibut? Phenibut is a popular supplement, used by many to boost energy, reduce stress, and even improve cognitive function. First made available in Russia in the 1960s, the drug is now available online throughout the USA, and typically sold as an energy booster alongside vitamins and protein. But, while unregulated by the FDA, [...]

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What is it Like to Date Sober?

Dating was the last thing on my mind when I first got sober. Starting a brand new life and figuring out how to deal with all my crap while sober was more than enough for me to handle. Having to deal with someone else's crap on top of all that? No, thank you. Rebuilding my [...]

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What is a High Functioning Addict?

When most of us think of addiction we think of people who are lazy, unable to perform their job, constantly out of it, and typically, jobless. Few of us think of high performers, excelling at their school, job, or family life – but the truth is that millions of addicts are high functioning. As many [...]

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