Xanax and Alcohol

Looking to get help? If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from both the Xanax and Alcohol, it might be time to start seeking and reaching out for help. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms that are common for both Xanax and Alcohol

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Nausea & vomiting
Loss of appetite
Agitation and/or irritability
Seizures (in some cases)
Faster heart rate

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms
Seizures (in some cases)
Anxiety/ Panic attacks
Difficulty concentrating
Nausea or Vomiting
Irritability and /or agitation
Sleep disturbances or insomnia
Tremors or shakiness
Heart Palpitations
Disoriented or confusion

Although those withdrawal symptoms sound very uncomfortable, there’s treatment such as medical detoxification that helps assist and comfort some of those uncomfortable symptoms making it easier for you to get off the drug. Also, remember that these feelings are temporary and it will pass gives hope and motivation. If you go to a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility- there will not only be the medical detox but individual therapy, group therapy, and learning new coping skills. Medically assisted detox is an effective method through the use of non-addictive medications that are used temporarily which ease the withdrawal symptoms.See below at some of the different treatment options we have here at Beginnings Treatment Center and give us a call so we can answer any of your questions and get started on your new journey to recovery. It’s possible!

If you or a loved one is ready to take the steps to get treatment for Alcohol and Xanax dependence, the team at Beginnings Treatment is here to help.

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