Our Dedicated and Experienced Team

Joe Milligan


Tom Nemat


Chris Cox


Lawrence Tucker, M.D.

Medical Director

Johnnie Aicher

Director of Outpatient Operations

Katie Scheu

Business Development, SUDRC

Ethan Marquis

Admissions Coordinator, RADT

Jeff Reince

Director of Compliance, RADT

Brennan Bullock

Client Care Coordinator

Aaron Walker

Director of Inpatient Operations, SUDRC

Angelica Corona

Operations Assistant, RADT

Ashley Whalen

Director of Human Resources

Cristina Avina

Case Manager, CADClll

Amanda Jaroscak

Case Manager, RADT

Nick Lucero

Intake Coordinator, RADT

Charity Fast

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Mark Coyan

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Michelle Hughes

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Camille Cox

Director of Admissions, SUDRC

Roxxanne Craft

Nurse LVN

Allyson Pelletier

Clinical Director, LMFT

Eric Gruber
Marketing Director

Jacob Mooradian
Group Facilitator, RADT

Soren Samshian

Psychological Assistant

David Ramirez
Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Sara Vega

Case Manager, RADT