Our Dedicated and Experienced Team

Executive Team

Tom Nemat, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Ehsan Gharadjedaghi, Psy.D.
Chief Clinical Officer
Joe Milligan
Chief Communications Officer
Tarek Greiss, M.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Rafael Penunuri, M.D.
Medical Director

Clinical Team

Shahrzad Jalali, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Samira Vafadar, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Soren Shamsian, Ed.D.
Clinical Program Manager
Eima Mesgarha, Psy.D.
Psychological Assistant
Joanne Scott, Ed.D.
Psychological Assistant
Erin Garibaldi, M.A.
Psychological Assistant
Bob Weathers, Ph.D.
Recovery Coach
Paul Van Zevmeren, M.A.
CATC Addiction Specialist
Mark Awanyai, CAS, M.A.
Career Counselor
Honey Dixit, Ed.D.
Marriage and Family Therapist
Jenny Fang, M.A.
EMDR Specialist
Jeshuel Alamo, M.A.
Psychological Assistant
Feliciana Guanzon
MFT Intern
Jen Austin
Aftercare Coordinator
Jennifer Cunningham, LVN II
Director of Utilization Review
Jenson Olinger
Utilization Review
Justina Ibach, RADT1
Detox Assistant Manager
Andrea Wiens, CADC RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Chandler Burton, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Tessa Sarvis, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Taylor Reichelt, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Kyle Garmen, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Amanda Wancura
Client Care Coordinator
Casey Wasinack
Client Care Coordinator
Camille Cox, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Leo Salas, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Ken Davis, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Maria Morris, RADT1
Client Care Coordinator
Nichole Smith, LVN III (Nurse Nicky)
Nursing Supervisor
Noelle Swanger, LVN, RADT-1
April Marquez, LVN II
Catherine Heger
Detox Medical Assistant
Ruben Lopez
Shift Lead
Amber Gonzalez
Devona Riverra
Case Manager
Bridgette ThePup
Messenger of Joy and Laughter

Administrative Team

Jeff Hamilton
Director of Operations
Marcel Barton-Sabo
Admissions Coordinator
Johnnie Aicher
Assistant Director of Operations
Brent Percy
Program Manager
Ashley Garner
Toxicology and EMR Liaison
Nancy Soto
Billing Specialist
Heather Bastio, RADT1
Operations Assistant
Jay Alayon
Head Chef

The Entire Beginnings Team