Our Dedicated and Experienced Team

Joe Milligan


Tom Nemat


Chris Cox


Lawrence Tucker, M.D.

Medical Director

Katie Scheu

Business Development, SUDRC

Jeff Reince

Director of Compliance, RADT

Aaron Walker

Client Care Coordinator, SUDRC

Angelica Corona

Operations Assistant, SUDRC

Ashley Whalen

Executive Assistant

Allyson Pelletier

Clinical Director, LMFT

Lilian Reszel

Client Care Coordinator and Group Facilitator, RADT

Megan Matamoros

Therapist, APCC

Sean Murphy

Operations Manager, RADT

Sean Avila

Director of Client Care, LVN

Kristina Zercher

Human Resources Manager

Robert Duty

Director of Operations, SUDRC

Camille Cox

Director of Admissions, SUDRC

Roian Rodde

Case Manager, CADC II

Taryn Mangan

Case Manager, CADC

Jacob Mooradian
Therapist, AMFT

Soren Samshian

Psychological Assistant

Antione Smith

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Trenton Barton

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Jeanette Lopez

Client Care Coordinator, RADT

Sierra Humphrey

Client Care Coordinator &
Medical Assistant, RADT

Bret Marisnick

Group Facilitator, RADT

Maya Alari

Case Manager, RADT

Nicole Ferguson

Client Care Coordinator, RADT