Alcohol Abuse


The Problem with Increased Alcohol Abuse During COVID 19

Testing for Alcohol Abuse during COVID 19 I’ve been treating alcohol addiction for 30 years. During that time, I’ve never seen a measurable increase in alcohol consumption affecting the general public. This increase in drinking, that started around March 2020 is unprecedented. Alcohol sales and consumption has skyrocketed during the COVID 19

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Stress and Addiction

Substance abuse disorder, typically referred to as drug and alcohol addiction, affects millions of Americans aged 12 and up. With some studies showing that 1 in 10 Americans will suffer a substance use disorder during their lifetime, addiction affects a shockingly large number of Americans. At the same time, opioid use disorder is responsible


Facts About Alcoholism

ome of the facts about alcoholism are a bit shocking. For example, did you know that alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is one of the most common diseases in the United States? With an estimated 24.7 million Americans meeting the criterion for alcohol use disorder, 12.5% or 1 in 8 Americans has a problem.


What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol is the most commonly consumed substance in the world, with roughly 86% of the United States population drinking at least occasionally. At the same time, 24.5 million Americans suffer from an alcohol abuse problem, meaning that they frequently binge or drink too much. While alcohol is widely accepted, and most people assume relatively harmless,