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What if 12 Step Doesn’t Work for Me?

12-Step, or the set of guiding principles for self-help groups and addiction recovery first outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939, is the most popular and common addiction treatment guideline in the world. Today, as many as 75%-95% of all inpatient treatment centers (rehab) in the United States offer some form of 12 step as [...]

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What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol is the most commonly consumed substance in the world, with roughly 86% of the United States population drinking at least occasionally. At the same time, 24.5 million Americans suffer from an alcohol abuse problem, meaning that they frequently binge or drink too much. While alcohol is widely accepted, and most people assume relatively [...]

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What to Expect in a Drug or Alcohol Detox Program

Going into a drug or alcohol detox program is a big step and the first of many on your road to recovery and a healthy life. Whether you’ve made the choice to go, are considering for a loved one, or are still debating detox, learning more about it and what happens during detox can [...]

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Why Addicts Choose Drugs Over Love

Chances are you didn't even know they were an addict when you fell in love. I know I didn't. By the time I found out, I was totally invested in the relationship. Just Say No Why doesn't he love me enough to just say no? After all, he had me now. He told me [...]

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What to Do When Your Child is Using Drugs

Whether you’ve caught your child with drugs or suspect they may be using, taking the right course of action and quickly, is crucial to preventing the situation from becoming worse. As a parent, your first instinct is likely to over react without stepping back to evaluate the situation or giving your child space to [...]

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7 Steps to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude in Recovery

Choosing to step away from an addiction and into recovery is an important choice and one that will intrinsically change your life forever. Getting help means that you are deliberately working to build a better version of yourself, one unconstrained by substance abuse and addiction. At the same time, it’s important not to lose [...]

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What is a Sober Companion

Going into recovery on your own can be a difficult and often intimidating process. Leaving a residential addiction treatment program and going back into the world on your own is often more so, simply because many people often go from a safe and very well supported environment back into the same situation where they [...]

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Opioid Addiction and the Elderly

While most people believe the vast majority of addicts are between the age of 18-25, opioid addiction is an increasing problem among seniors who often receive highly addicting medications at points in their lives when they are most vulnerable. With an estimated 2.4% of seniors abusing opiate medication, seniors are at a high risk [...]

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The Most Difficult Drugs to Kick

1 in 10 Americans, or roughly 23.5 million, are addicted to drugs or alcohol. With prescription medication like pain pills and valium, amphetamines including meth, and a range of dependence-inducing substances available over the counter, nearly everyone is constantly exposed to some form of substance – and many people are intensely vulnerable to addiction. [...]

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Eight Things I Learned as the Child of an Alcoholic

The most important thing my mother's drinking taught me was how not to act with others. Although, for many years, I wasn't really benefiting from that knowledge. I was allowing it to make me bitter instead. I resented people who grew up in sober homes, and went out of my way just to thumb [...]

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