Drug Addiction

Can Psychedelics Really Help Fight Addiction?

Psychedelics have been used to treat alcoholism and addiction for nearly as long as records have existed with substances ranging from psilocybin to belladonna all used to prevent excessive drinking or substance abuse. Today, this trend is on the rise again, with individuals advocating the use of primarily plant-based psychoactive such as mescaline, psilocybin, [...]

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What is Suboxone?

Our approach to treating drug abuse and addiction has changed dramatically over the past 60 years. While traditional methods of rehab and therapy are still the most common treatments (and still effective), Western medicine now offers medical treatment for opioid addiction in the form of both opioid agonists like Naloxone and Buprenorphine (a partial [...]

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Why Addicts Choose Drugs Over Love

Chances are you didn't even know they were an addict when you fell in love. I know I didn't. By the time I found out, I was totally invested in the relationship. Just Say No Why doesn't he love me enough to just say no? After all, he had me now. He told me [...]

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Opioid Addiction and the Elderly

While most people believe the vast majority of addicts are between the age of 18-25, opioid addiction is an increasing problem among seniors who often receive highly addicting medications at points in their lives when they are most vulnerable. With an estimated 2.4% of seniors abusing opiate medication, seniors are at a high risk [...]

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The Most Difficult Drugs to Kick

1 in 10 Americans, or roughly 23.5 million, are addicted to drugs or alcohol. With prescription medication like pain pills and valium, amphetamines including meth, and a range of dependence-inducing substances available over the counter, nearly everyone is constantly exposed to some form of substance – and many people are intensely vulnerable to addiction. [...]

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Long Term Effects of LSD

LSD, or Lysergic acid diethylamide is a psychedelic drug popular for its mind-altering properties, causing increased sensations, hallucinations and delusions, and wakefulness. A 'trip' lasts 4-14 hours, and typically includes visual hallucinations and an altered sensory experience, where users experience euphoria, radiant colors, a feeling of slowed time, and geometric or colored patterns. Today, [...]

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Drug Addiction in the Legal Profession

Workplace substance abuse is an increasingly large problem in every industry, with statistics suggesting that 77% of drug users are employed. Substance abuse contributes to poor performance, lapses of judgment at work, and missed work days. This is well documented in high-stress professions, where doctors and lawyers face tight deadlines, heightened levels of responsibility, [...]

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Should Children be Taught to Administer Naloxone?

Naloxone, frequently sold as Narcan, is an opioid drug used to block and reverse the effects of opioid abuse. The drug, which is available as a nasal spray and injection, is most frequently used to reverse overdoses in opioid drug abusers – preventing the overdose from becoming fatal. It is also readily available in [...]

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