7 Ways to Have a Sober Halloween

beginnings-treatment-centers-7-ways-to-have-a-sober-halloween-image-of-pumpkin-candle-with-halloween-dance-in-backgroundFall is in the air and it is almost time for the Halloween festivities to begin. Most of us will attend a gathering of some sort to celebrate. These gatherings can be incredibly fun but they can also allow temptation to creep in and turn your good time sour.

For many people, parties and other social events will put their will power to the test. As we know most adult gatherings will involve alcohol consumption. Most people will drink socially at these gatherings, which of course is customary. So you may be wondering exactly how you are going to deal with situations like this, so that you can have a sober Halloween?

When it comes down to it, the power to resist the temptation lies within you and you alone can choose to stay away from alcohol and drugs. There are tips and tricks you can use to help get you through the evening and still keep your sobriety intact.

1) Don’t Sit At Home

For many people that are trying to or have quit drinking, it can be tempting to drink when you are alone, especially if you’re sitting sound feeling sorry for yourself because you feel like everyone else is out having fun on Halloween. Don’t forego the social events that you have a chance to attend. Get out there and have fun with your friends. Or see #3 below and hit a 12 step meeting.

2) Attend a Sober Halloween Event

There are many sober Halloween dances, parties, and even some meetings that allow costumes. You can find out about these through your normal recovery meetings, but if you have not,  you should call one of the 12 Step Fellowship numbers in your area and ask the person who answers if they know of a sober Halloween event. Usually AA, NA, CA, and other 12 Step programs have a central office you can call that is listed.

3) Attend a 12 Step Meeting

This is always a good option, even if you are going to some other event later. And if you can’t find a sober event or have nothing else planned, don’t just sit around. Its always better to be at a meeting than doing nothing. You might even find information about a sober Halloween event at the meeting. As mentioned above in #2, AA, NA, CA, and other 12 Step programs typically have a central office you can call that is listed in your area.

4) Designate A Buddy To Help Get You Through The Night

Think of this as a second conscience. Have someone you trust to help keep you distracted from the alcohol at the party. Make sure that they know where you are and that they don’t wander off to talk to others and leave you feeling alone and vulnerable.

You will be far more likely to drink if you are away from your friends that are informed about your situation and consequently that will lead to nervous behavior which could compel you to reach for a drink. Having your buddy nearby will keep you calm and confident.

5) Stay Away From People That Aggravate You

When you are hanging around people that you don’t like, you will be much more likely to dive right into a drink. This is especially true if you are new to recovery. Avoid people you know will cause stress and drama. Remember that you can’t allow your emotions to sabotage your sober Halloween.

6) Have A Non-Alcoholic Drink In Hand

This is a pretty effective strategy that can be used at most social events. Simply have a drink in your hand and most people assume that it has alcohol. It is unlikely that anyone will ask if the drink contains alcohol. In the event that anyone offers you a drink, you can say you already have one.

7) Stay Busy

If you keep yourself busy you won’t have time to think about drinking. Participate in any fun games or activities that are going on and you can even volunteer to help with the party. Don’t just sit in the corner and stew. That is when temptation will have a chance to creep in. If you really want to be a good sport you can offer to give anyone that has had too many drinks a safe ride home.

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It’s Possible to Have a Fun and Sober Halloween

Staying sober while everyone else around you is drinking can be quite a challenge but you can make it through the evening if you plan ahead and make up your mind that you will have a happy and sober Halloween. It’s difficult at first,  but over time it will become much easier to be in social situations where alcohol is present and not have the urge to drink.

Note however that of you are newly sober or really anxious you should entirely avoid situations where alcohol or drugs are involved. Use tips #2 or #3 above to make sure you’re around other sober people.

Another thing to think about is how good you will feel the next day when others are dreading getting up. So have a safe and fun Halloween, and remember to use the tips above and stay clean and sober no matter what!

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