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Reaching out for help with Opioid addiction is the first great step towards recovery. So, congratulations for reading this! Don’t let this moment of clarity pass. You can call us right now for Opioid addiction help.

Finding a quality Costa Mesa Opioid addiction treatment center is not only your best option to quit opioids, it’s your only one aside from detoxing in jail. You can safely recover from opioid addiction without having to travel far. Through this resource, you will learn about the different phases of opioid addiction treatment, how a qualified treatment center can help you or your loved one, and what immediate steps you need to take to avoid the situation becoming worse.

Costa Mesa Opioid Addiction Treatment

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The Most Commonly Abused Opiates/Opioids

 Heroin, like most other opiates is highly addictive, and even an occasional user will develop tolerance, dependence, and eventually, addiction.

 Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug, used in western medicine to treat pain including severe and long-term. At anywhere from 50-100,000 times the strength of morphine, Fentanyl can be delivered in smaller volumes than morphine or similar drugs.

 Oxycontin is a legal prescription medication for pain. Many people who become addicted to oxycontin do not believe they need to go to rehab for Oxycontin treatment. They believe Oxycontin addiction treatment is for drug addicts who are buying illegal drugs on the street. It is important to understand that Oxycontin treatment is for anyone that becomes addicted to oxycontin.

 Opium is a drug derived from the opium poppy, and one of the most popular drugs in the world. While the pure version is difficult to find in modern times, opiates, or drugs derived from opium, are extremely popular as painkillers.

 Vicodin addiction and abuse are more common than you might think. Vicodin is a highly addictive prescription medication and addiction to it can be lethal. Science Direct reports that the majority of Vicodin addiction begins as a prescription.

Percocet is a highly addictive and highly abused prescription medication painkiller. Many people think that because they are prescribed Percocet that they do not need to go to a Percocet addiction treatment center if they become dependent on it.

Importance of Qualified Opioid Addiction Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA

Opioid addiction is painful to not just you, but everyone around you. When you realize that it’s time to get help, it’s important to contact a qualified opioid addiction treatment center that has a proven track record of success.

Not all two treatment centers are the same. You need to research the track record of the facility, the credentials of the staff, and even look at online reviews. If you want to make sure you can quit opioid abuse for good, you need to make sure the treatment center you choose actually cares about you and has your best interest in mind. The treatment specialists at an opioid rehab center make it as comfortable as possible for you.

After first reaching out for help, an opioid addiction treatment specialist will guide you through the intake process. After you come into our facility, you will meet with your case manager and they will help outline a custom treatment plan based on your needs. As no two people are the same, you will be given a complete strategy to overcome opioid addiction once and for all.

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Opioid addiction treatment

Phases of Opioid Addiction Treatment

Beginnings Treatment focuses on offering personalized care in our opioid drug rehab programs.

There are several phases of treatment for opioid addiction that depend on a few variables. How long have you been using or abusing them? What is your level of dependence? This information will help your case manager determine the best course of action for your opioid addiction treatment. Here are the common phases of opioid addiction treatment in Costa Mesa, CA.


The intake process at Beginnings Treatment includes a multi-step process, starting with an initial intake. You’ll also receive a physical and psychological assessment, which we will use to create an initial custom treatment plan. This plan will include considerations such as preferred treatment type, dual-diagnosis, history of opioid and other substance abuse, frequency of abuse, behavior, and so on, so we can ensure you receive the best possible care for your unique situation.

Opioid Detox

Beginnings Treatment offers a full medical Opioid detox program right in our Costa Mesa, CA rehab center. Our medical detox team is led by Dr. Alva, who oversees the process to ensure the safety and comfort of each patient. This is crucial because opioid withdrawal symptoms can be severe and life-threatening.

Residential Opioid Treatment

Residential opioid inpatient treatment provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere to recover from addiction. Hospital settings where the person seeking treatment feels like they are a prisoner are a thing of the past.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for opioid abuse, also known as IOP, is the most flexible treatment option with the least restrictions. Beginnings features an intensive outpatient treatment program specifically designed for individuals struggling with drug addiction and dual diagnosis issues.

Most patients will experience the following timeline in opioid detox:

Initial Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms from opioids begin, typically starting with cold and flu symptoms, fever, and a runny nose or watery eyes. Cravings will hit and most users begin to feel anxious. Withdrawal symptoms gradually increase over the next 2-3 days. Anyone on slow-release or long-acting opioids can expect this process to begin as late as 30 hours after the final dose.

Early Detox

After 72 hours, opioid withdrawal symptoms will generally peak and remain plateaued for up to 1 week. This stage is characterized by the worst withdrawal symptoms and can last up to 10 days. Long-acting opioids will typically begin this stage after 5-7 days and withdrawal symptoms may not begin to decrease for up to 21 days.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

In some cases, users may experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) or extended opioid withdrawal symptoms up to months after the final dose.

Your opioid detox schedule and timeline will be determined by length of abuse, the volume of abuse, and personal health factors such as body type, metabolism, age, gender, and susceptibility. In some cases, you will be prescribed medication to reduce side-effects, reduce seizures, and reduce the risk of complications.

How to Pay For Opioid Addiction Treatment

Paying for opioid addiction treatment can seem like another stressful aspect, but we encourage you to call us so that we can help you sort through different options. Because the cash pay rate for quality opioid addiction treatment can be expensive, most of our clients pay with their medical insurance. If you have medical insurance from your employer or under your parents’ plan, chances are that your insurance policy may cover all or most of the costs of treatment! At Beginnings Treatment Centers we take policies from providers like Blue Cross Blue Blue Shield, CignaAetnaTricareUMRHealth NetAnthem, and United Health Care and others.

You can conveniently fill out this insurance verification form, or call us 24/7 to see if your insurance covers the costs of Opioid addiction treatment in Costa Mesa, CA!

While expensive, cash pay options are also available. You may be able to talk to relatives, friends, or family members who support your recovery and want you to do well. We have even seen successful GoFundMe campaigns for addiction treatment before! If you do not have insurance, but have someone who is able to help cover the costs of treatment we encourage you to ask them for help.

We accept a wide variety of different insurance plans.

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Getting Into a Top Rated Opioid Treatment Center is the first and most crucial step on your way to recovery.

At Beginnings Treatment, you can find that care in our beautiful Costa Mesa location.


Our 90-Day Opioid Addiction Treatment Pledge

Beginnings Treatment Centers may not be your first treatment center but we can be your last.  Unfortunately, some people do relapse after completing treatment. Typically it’s because they stopped following the aftercare program we custom-tailored for them. We feel so strongly in the foundation we provide in our 90-day treatment program that we offer 30 days of complimentary treatment.

Please don’t look at this as just 30 days of free treatment – it’s much more than that. Since we have already spent 90 days getting to know and treating the client we have built a mutual level of trust and understanding.  This unique bond allows us to focus on what caused the relapse. We are not reinventing the wheel. Our clinical records and staff notes allow us to get down to causes and conditions that precipitated the relapse.

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