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According to NIH, Opioids were involved in 46,802 (a rate of 14.6) overdose deaths in 2018—nearly 70% of all overdose deaths.

If you’re struggling with Heroin addiction, trying to quit on your own is nearly impossible because of the painful withdrawal symptoms. Finding a quality Costa Mesa Heroin drug rehab center is not only your best option to quit Heroin, but it’s also your only one aside from detoxing in jail. In order to successfully recover from Heroin addiction drug rehab includes different types of therapy, medication-assisted detox, support groups, lifestyle changes, and a strong aftercare program and support network. These treatments are available at a quality drug rehab center like Beginnings Treatment Centers in Costa Mesa, CA. You can call us 24/7 for Heroin or drug addiction help.

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Why Heroin Addiction is So Dangerous

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Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs to be addicted to. Opioids in general are highly addictive both physically and mentally. When trying to quit Heroin, the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful and even life-threatening. Very few people who have tried to quit Heroin on their own are able to do so without relapsing. That is what makes it so dangerous! To fully recover from Heroin addiction, you need to find a trusted Heroin addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, or close to your location. Don’t continue to struggle only to fail. Trust our highly credentialed staff with a track record of treating Heroin addiction today.

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What Heroin Addiction Treatment is Like in Costa Mesa, CA

While Heroin addiction is painful, it’s the job of the treatment specialists at a Heroin drug rehab center to make it as comfortable as possible for you. After first reaching out for help, a Heroin addiction treatment specialist will guide you through the intake process. After you come into our facility, you will meet with your case manager and they will help outline a custom treatment plan based on your needs. As no two people are the same, you will be given a complete strategy to overcome Heroin addiction once and for all.

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Phases of Drug Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Beginnings Treatment focuses on offering personalized care in our Heroin drug rehab programs.

Depending on how long you have been using Heroin and your level of dependence, there are different levels of care. Detox is typically the first step. This is the process of removing the drug from your body and mind.


The intake process at Beginnings Treatment includes a multi-step process, starting with an initial intake. You’ll also receive a physical and psychological assessment, which we will use to create an initial custom Heroin addiction treatment plan. This plan will include considerations such as preferred treatment type, dual-diagnosis, history of substance abuse, level of abuse, behavior, and so on, so we can ensure you receive the best possible care for your unique situation and safely recover from Heroin addiction.

Heroin Detox

Beginnings Treatment offers a full Heroin medical detox program right in our Orange County Heroin rehab center. Our medical detox team is led by Dr. Alva, who oversees the process to ensure the safety and comfort of each patient. This is crucial, because Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening.

Residential Treatment

Residential Heroin addiction treatment provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere to recover from addiction. Hospital settings where the person seeking treatment feels like they are a prisoner are a thing of the past.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Heroin abuse, also known as IOP, is the most flexible treatment option with the least restrictions. Beginnings features an intensive outpatient treatment program specifically designed for individuals struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis issues.

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline in Detox:

Initial Withdrawal – 6-12 Hours

Withdrawal symptoms from Heroin begin, typically starting with cold and flu symptoms, fever, and a runny nose or watery eyes. Cravings will hit and most users begin to feel anxious. Withdrawal symptoms gradually increase over the next 2-3 days. Anyone on slow-release or long-acting opioids can expect this process to begin as late as 30 hours after the final dose.

Early Detox – 72 Hours

After 72 hours, Heroin withdrawal symptoms will generally peak and remain plateaued for up to 1 week. This stage is characterized by the worst withdrawal symptoms and can last up to 10 days. Long-acting opioids will typically begin this stage after 5-7 days and withdrawal symptoms may not begin to decrease for up to 21 days.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

In some cases, users may experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) or extended Heroin withdrawal symptoms up to months after the final dose.

Your detox schedule will be determined by length of abuse, volume of abuse, and personal health factors such as body-type, metabolism, age, gender, and susceptibility. In some cases, you will be prescribed medication to reduce side-effects, reduce seizures, and reduce the risk of complications.

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Aftercare For Heroin Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA

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Our addiction aftercare program is one of the top-rated Heroin drug rehab programs in the Costa Mesa and Orange County area! We have a strong alumni network and regular meetings and outings to help you sustain lasting recovery.

Completing a Heroin rehab program is a major accomplishment, but there’s still more work to do. During the weeks, months and even years after completing rehab, individuals in recovery are still at risk for relapse. The Beginnings Treatment Centers Aftercare Programs help to greatly minimize that risk, and keep our clients on the path of a clean and sober life.

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Does Insurance Cover Heroin Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA?

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The short answer is, yes, Your insurance can cover Heroin addiction treatment in Costa Mesa! While treatment costs differ depending on your choice of inpatient or outpatient care and the level of care needed, paying for Heroin drug rehab isn’t always as easy as it should be. However, there are numerous options to find funding for rehab so that you or your loved one can get much-needed help. Depending on the type of insurance you have it may cover the costs of a Heroin treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA with little to no out of pocket cost to you!

Many addiction treatment centers including us at Beginnings Treatment Centers accept PPO insurance policies that come from your job or from your parents if you are still on their plan. Common insurance policies include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, UMR, TriWest, United Healthcare, and others. You can conveniently fill out this insurance verification form, or call us 24/7 to see if your insurance covers the costs of Heroin rehab near you!

We accept a wide variety of different insurance plans.

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Going to a Top-Rated Heroin Drug Rehab Center is your most crucial step to recovery.

At Beginnings Treatment, you can get that care in our beautiful Costa Mesa location.

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