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Beginnings Treatment Centers, offers contemporary evidence-based Costa Mesa drug rehab programs, overseen by our highly credentialed staff, for the treatment of substance abuse addiction and alcoholism.

Our addiction treatment centers are designed to provide a supportive and comfortable environment where our clients will want to recover.

Beginnings Treatment Centers are fully accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. This accreditation is the highest level possible for an addiction treatment center and reflects the rigorous standards of clinical excellence and comprehensive facilities necessary to achieve the accreditation.

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Beginnings is a proud member of the National Association of Treatment Providers. NAATP is an association of select providers of addiction treatment and ensures that members practice and encourage ethical and values-based approaches to healing.

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What Is Treatment Like at Beginnings?

Tarek Griess M.D., our Chief Operating Officer, explains what a client can expect and describes the process of treatment at Beginnings.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is fully equipped to help you achieve a lasting recovery in the safest, friendliest environment possible.








Costa Mesa Drug Rehab Options

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Ativan (Lorazepam) Addiction
Barbiturates Addiction
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Dextromethorphan (DXM) Addiction
Fentanyl Addiction Treatment
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Marijuana/Weed Addiction
Methamphetamine Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction
Percocet Drug Addiction
Synthetic Bath Salts Addiction
Vicodin Addiction Treatment
Opium Addiction Treatment
Xanax Addiction Treatment
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Why Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa Will Save Your Life

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Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease. It’s a disease that if left untreated will rob you of everything you have and know, including your life. Attending Drug rehab in Costa Mesa, CA is an essential path if you wish to have a fulfilling life. We have seen people try and fail over and over again when trying to quit on their own. Drug rehab or jail are your only two options if you want to successfully detox from drugs or alcohol.

Our team of addiction specialists at Beginnings Treatment Centers are not only highly credentialed, but many of our staff are in recovery as well. Some have even gone through our program. Recovery from addiction is possible and it can begin for you locally here in Costa Mesa, CA. Call us 24/7 to speak with an addiction professional ready to speak with you.

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Costa Mesa Rehab Alumni

Jody, a Beginnings Treatment Centers Alumni, describes her amazing journey from brutal addiction into beautiful recovery.


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First 6-12 Hours

Most Xanax users begin to experience initial withdrawal symptoms after the first 6 hours when they stop using Xanax. These typically include increased cravings, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These symptoms appear and continue to worsen over the duration of the detox from Xanax period.

1-5 Days

You may experience increased perspiration, panic attacks, and anxiety, nausea and/or migraines. Most people are irritable during the Xanax detox process, have significant mood swings, and can even lash out with violence because of the symptoms. That’s why sleep is such an important aspect of detoxing. You have an increased risk of seizures and psychosis or hallucinations during this timeframe as well. These withdrawal symptoms typically peak after the first 4-5 days.

5-15 Days

Xanax Withdrawal symptoms typically plateau and then begin to slowly taper off from here. This can typically last for approximately 2 weeks.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS is a fairly common occurrence to long-term Xanax users where withdrawal symptoms last up to months after the final dose. PAWS occurs most frequently when there is a prolonged history of Xanax or drug use, especially with those who are very heavily dependent and have been taking large doses of Xanax. These post-acute withdrawal symptoms can last several months after quitting, creating lengthy and agitating withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, it is highly recommended to reach out for help from a trained detox facility.

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Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA?

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The short answer is, it can! While costs depend on your choice of inpatient or outpatient care and the level of care needed, paying for rehab isn’t always as easy as it should be. However, there are numerous options to find funding for rehab so that you or your loved one can get much-needed help. Depending on the type of insurance you have it may cover the costs of an addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA with little to no out of pocket cost to you!

Many treatment centers including us at Beginnings Treatment Centers accept PPO insurance policies that come from your job or from your parents if you are still on their plan. Common insurance policies include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, UMR, TriWest, United Healthcare, and others. You can conveniently fill out this insurance verification form, or call us 24/7 to see if your insurance covers the costs of drug rehab near you!

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We all have a story. What we wanted in life, what we think we deserve, what we really have. Addiction distorts our perception of reality and thus our internal story as well.

Joy, success, and freedom are absolutely possible in life, but for an addict, being clean and sober is the first requirement.

Beginnings can help you to change your story today. Why not write a new chapter, of a life free of the slavery of addiction?

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