Finding the right treatment center for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult process. It is imperative you choose a high quality treatment program that employs ample licensed medical staff that delivers quality care to their clients.

Fortunately, a not-for-profit organization exists called The Joint Commision (also known as JACHO) for accrediting drug and alcohol rehab facilities, and should be one of the most important factors when researching your options for treatment centers.

Treatment facilities accredited by The Joint Commission like Beginnings Treatment Centers, are recognized and held accountable for providing safe, quality healthcare to their patients.

What Is The Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has accredited and certified more than 22,000 U.S. healthcare organizations and programs.

These facilities are recognized nationwide for meeting high-quality performance standards and for providing treatments and services that are safe, proven, and effective.

The mission of the Joint Commission is to continuously improve healthcare for the public by evaluating healthcare organizations and empowering them to provide the best in safe, effective, quality care.

Why Do Healthcare Providers Seek Accreditation?

Accreditation from the Joint Commission is a major honor for healthcare providers who earn this recognition, as it demonstrates to patients and community members that the facility is committed to offering value and setting a high standard when it comes to healthcare.

Accreditation also offers the following benefits for healthcare providers:

  • Helps the organization stay focused on patient safety and quality
  • Defines the organization’s position in the community and industry
  • Recognizes the organization for providing high-quality care
  • Decreases insurance costs related to risk management
  • Provides greater access to tools and resources related to healthcare best practices
  • Boosts the organization’s reputation in the healthcare industry and community

How Do Healthcare Providers Earn Accreditation?

To earn accreditation from the Joint Commission, healthcare providers must be evaluated, surveyed, and scored on their ability to continuously improve patient outcomes and offer safe, quality healthcare. Accreditation is awarded for a three-year period, during which organizations are regularly surveyed to ensure they continue delivering quality care and meeting the high standards set forth by the Joint Commission.

Why Should You Choose an Accredited Drug Rehab Center?

Recovery from a substance use disorder can be extremely difficult and often becomes a lifelong journey for many patients. Without proper care and support, people in recovery face a higher risk for relapse and overdose, and they may struggle with finding a healthy balance and achieving optimal functioning. Choosing an accredited drug rehab center ensures that you or your loved one will receive the world-class care and treatment needed to experience a full, long-term, and continuous recovery.

Accredited drug rehab centers treat substance use disorders in full using drug detox, alcohol detox, counseling, and a wide range of behavioral therapies that address triggers, negative behaviors, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Patients who recover at rehab centers accredited by the Joint Commission receive individualized treatment plans based on their unique recovery needs as they pertain to addiction. These rehab centers offer ongoing support in the form of aftercare so they can stay closely connected with their patients as they adjust to healthier, sober living after completing their treatment programs.

Beginnings Treatment Centers Is a Joint Commission Accredited Facility

Beginnings Treatment Centers is a Joint Commission–accredited facility widely recognized for providing safe, quality detox services and treatment programs for substance abuse disorders. If you are suffering from a substance use disorder and need quality treatment, contact us today at 888-381-6994 or fill out a free insurance verification form to begin your recovery today.