Tricare Drug and Alcohol Treatment

  • 30, 60 and 90-day programs covered by Tricare
  • Inpatient, OutPatient, and Luxurious Sober Living 
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treated
  • PTSD, Trauma Anxiety, Depression, 
  • Bipolar Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, Anger
  • Credentialed, Professional, and Experienced Staff

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Addiction and Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis)

For active and retired military personnel or their family members dealing with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health issues while in substance abuse rehab is a must. Our staff of Licensed Psychologists, Psychological Assistants, degreed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Certified Case managers understand the unique struggles of our Tricare clients. We treat substance abuse and any underlying mental health issues. 

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Our residential inpatient rehab provides clients with structured 24-hour care under the supervision of professionals. Every hour of the day is scheduled. A typical day includes individual and multiple group therapies, exercise, meals, reading, meditation, and some personal time. Part of the treatment and recovery process is developing new, healthy habits that become routine in post-treatment life. Residential treatment is typically 30 days. 

Detox, Safety, and Comfort

The only way to safely detox from alcohol and or many drugs is in a licensed medical detox center. Detoxing from alcohol or certain drugs can lead to seizures and other fatal consequences. In our private detox facility, we safely detox clients using medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms and make detox as comfortable as possible. Our licensed medical staff will provide 24/7 expert medical care and support through the entire detox process. Detox is between 5 and 10 days. 

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60-90 Days of Extended Care Available 

After completing detox and residential treatment (typically 30 days) many clients desire and need additional treatment. While in our extended care programs clients can reside in one of our modern and comfortable residences which are minutes away from our clinical office. While clients are no longer monitored 24/7 they are still monitored. In extended care clients are routinely drug tested and must follow program rules and attend scheduled therapies and activities. 

Recovery includes eating healthy. While abusing alcohol and or drugs most people while in active addiction do not care about healthy eating. Why should they, they have been putting poison in their bodies on a daily basis for years. While they were in inpatient all their meals were provided by our chef.  By the time they get to extended care, our clients have learned to eat healthy.  

Active addiction has turned the family dinner table into an uncomfortable environment. We are rewiring our client’s brains to see family meals as something to look forward to not fear. 

Some addicts spent all day in closed rooms hiding from the world outside. In our tranquil back yard settings, we hold house meetings, group therapy, and study groups. While enjoying fresh air clients find joy in relaxing outside for the first time in years. 

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