Cigna Drug Rehab

Cigna drug rehab

Cigna is a renowned health insurance company that caters to the health insurance needs of more than 95 million people around the world. Their coverage spans a wide range of treatments, including rehabilitation from drug use disorders. Cigna drug rehab treatment coverage also extends to mental health services for people with a dual diagnosis. The only catch is that you have to receive the treatment at a facility that’s in-network, such as Beginnings Treatment Centers.

How does Cigna drug rehab coverage work?

The type of coverage Cigna provides varies with your state of residence and the specifics of your plan. However, all plans and states usually require seeking preauthorization before commencing drug addiction treatment. Before granting a preauthorization or prior approval, your insurance provider would determine that rehabilitation treatment is medically necessary for your condition. If you fail to obtain this preauthorization, you may have to bear the full cost of treatment out of pocket.

In many cases, you would also have to meet a deductible or copayment or coinsurance if your plan does not fully cover the treatment you are receiving. You should contact your insurance provider for more details.

What will Cigna insurance cover?

The specific answer to the question would depend on your health insurance plan. Generally, Cigna drug rehab treatment coverage extends to both in-patient and outpatient rehab treatment. You plan is likely to cover the following services:

Outpatient rehab

This takes place in hospitals, clinics, counselors’ offices, mental health facilities, and similar settings. Depending on the needs of the patient, treatment may involve three to four sessions per week for up to one or more years. An outpatient program allows the patient to live their normal lives while receiving treatment for drug addiction. The caveat is that you’ll have to receive treatment in a facility that’s close to home. If the situation warrants, an outpatient program may start with an intensive phase that involves about 20 or more hours of therapy weekly.

Partial hospitalization program

Partial hospitalization programs involve meeting five days per week, with the sessions running through most of the day. This affords more supervision that an outpatient rehab program but is not as intensive as a residential program. It’s usually recommended for patients struggling with a severe case of substance use disorders but are still fit enough to remain in their homes without constituting a threat to themselves or others around them.

Residential rehab

In this type of program, patients live in a strictly monitored facility while receiving care. The program usually involves a diverse range of interventions, including counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, and general medical care. Residential rehab programs are recommended for people with accompanying mental health challenges or people who need to recover from drug addiction in a serene environment that’s free of potential triggers.

Contact a Cigna drug rehab treatment provider

At Beginning Treatment Centers, we understand that people struggling with addiction need a comfortable and supportive environment if they are to stand a chance of beating the habit. That is why our facilities are designed to guarantee the best ambiance and are manned by experienced professionals. As a recognized Cigna drug abuse treatment provider, we firmly believe alcohol addiction is treatable. Get in touch with us today to discuss the available treatment options with our expert treatment advisors.



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Cigna Drug Rehab Cigna Drug Rehab Cigna Drug Rehab