Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Providers

Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance abuse providers

There are numerous treatment options for people suffering from substance abuse. However, addicted individuals need to be aware of their condition and acknowledge they need help before they can benefit from the available treatment options. If you’re searching for a Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse provider, you’ve probably taken the first step to recovery. Beginning Treatment Centers is one of such facilities, and we would love to be with you on your journey to sobriety.

What is rehabilitation treatment?

Rehabilitation treatment or rehab is a general term that covers various forms of intensive, supervised programs that can help wean people off substance abuse. Beyond helping people to stop using drugs, rehab further equips them with the necessary tools to live a life of sobriety. The type and length of rehabilitation programs vary depending on the individual’s situation, the addictive substance, and the treatment facility. Beginning Treatment Centers offer a variety of Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance abuse programs that have helped addicts over the years. You can get in touch with us to figure out the perfect rehabilitation program for you.

How does rehab work?

Although an individual’s specific condition may account for slight differences in treatment plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse providers usually follow a series of similar steps:

Detox: This is the stage where the patient’s body has to adjust to the sudden absence of the addictive substance. The detoxification phase is an acute phase, and the patient has to struggle with a host of withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, depression, and paranoia. Most Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance abuse programs mandate patients to stay in an inpatient facility for about 3-5 days during the acute detoxification phase. Sometimes, detoxification would refer to dealing with the crisis that triggered the addiction problem.

Diagnosis: A lot of addicts have accompanying mental health challenges such as depression, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, etc. Although the exact link between these problems and substance abuse is unclear, a comprehensive substance abuse program would have to diagnose and treat the accompanying disorders.

Cognitive therapy: Cognitive therapy aims to help identify life situations that may act as triggers and equip addicts to cope with them. Coping involves developing assertive skills that empower addicts to say no to the addictive substance or developing alternative plans when they come in contact with triggers.

Family therapy: People with a sound support system have a better chance of recovering from addictive disorders and staying sober. This is why many programs seek the cooperation of family members and loved ones to help shore up the patient’s support network.

Medication: Depending on the substance of addiction, certain medications may help addicts overcome addiction or cope with withdrawal symptoms. These drugs can only be prescribed at the discretion of a qualified physician. Most treatment programs actually prefer not to use this weapon unless it’s necessary.

Contact a Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse provider

At Beginning Treatment Centers, we understand that people struggling with addiction need a comfortable and supportive environment if they are to stand a chance of beating the habit. That is why our facilities are designed to guarantee the best ambiance and are manned by experienced professionals. As an accredited Blue Cross Blue Shield substance abuse provider, we firmly believe alcohol addiction is treatable. Get in touch with us today to discuss the available treatment options with our expert treatment advisors.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Providers
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Providers Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Providers Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Providers